Maya Road Case Study

Maya Road Case Study

Maya Road was a startup scrapbooking company when they first approached IBS for inventory management and fulfillment solutions. Maya Road is now one of the top scrapbooking manufacturers in the U.S. selling direct to the public as well as large box retail stores.

The Maya Road business model does not include a brick and mortar store. All employees work from their homes and are situated around the country. In the start-up phase of their business, they utilized self-storage units and their garage. Packing and shipping orders at night in their garage, they quickly recognized that they would not be able to keep up and began interviewing fulfillment centers.

IBS developed a tailored fulfillment program that allowed for Maya Road’s rapid growth all while keeping the company running efficiently to meet the new demands of expansion.

IBS’s solutions for Maya Road included more efficient and timely orders fulfillment which in turn allowed Maya Road to easily expand their operations over the years. IBS has provided order fulfillment services and warehousing for Maya Road for almost a decade. Maya Road quickly grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of scrapbooking supplies serving the retail and wholesale trade nationally and internationally – without any investment in real estate or personnel.


“We have happily partnered with IBS for the past 5 years. Kathy provided complete solutions to our receiving, inventory management and shipping needs.  IBS has been an amazing partner for us, and they saved us a lot of time.  Whereas we used to spend an hour shipping each order, we now trust Kathy and her team to take care of us.  She takes great care with our customers and our orders.  We never have to worry because they are in good hands.”  co-owner, Maya Road

Key Benefits
  • Easy to get started
  • Saved time, freed us up to run our business
  • Trustworthy – Kathy takes care of us
  • Made our business more efficient

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